Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where'd ya go, LIFE? ...

Ryan and I have been married now for almost 29 months which in the long run, is a pretty short time but I feel as if so much has already gotten away from me. For starters, Bekah is ALREADY 1 !! My sweet Pumpkin Girl.. we fall more in love with her every day. Her 5th&6th teeth just broke through yesterday and she is our little carnivore! She LOVES meat.. especially turkey ham, along with green beans. She is still a bundle of energy but is a speed crawler now and is just about able to walk on her own! Now the question is, is there a 2nd child in our future?... :) Now I don't want rumors to start.. but I can say that I am excited for the day that we find out that we are pregnant again! Are our lives going to be crazy with another baby? Oh my goodness, YES! But I love having a family now.. taking walks.. playing peak-a-boo.. playing ball with Bekah.. (she is the most athletic child under the age of 5 that I know!!).
Another crazy thing is that Ryan just found out the other day that he is full-time now! I remember the year that we were married, we had only made a few thousand for the year. What a jump! And I'm also happy to say that I am moving to mornings at work so I should be out by 10am which allows me the rest of the day with Bekah (and at times, Ryan)! PRAISE GOD!
I am taking these blessings as humble as I can though.. I feel so undeserving of all of these wonderful things. God is just so good to us and even through the hard times, is glory and grace are so apparent! Marriage sure has been a learning experience though.. I have discovered not only things about Ryan but myself as well. I have learned that I can be a very selfish person and that it's hard for me at times to put him before me. And at times, I have discovered that it's so easy to slip into laziness, especially after a day at work. I come up with excuses galore.. but none ever justify my actions.. or lack there of.
I have really been feeling as if I need to step up as a woman and especially as a wife. It's so easy for my head to fill with thoughts of insignificance.. which I allow to excuse my sour, slothful self. I have really been trying to change that though. By filling my head and heart with the reassurance of Christ's love and dedication to me, I'm finding it easier for me to put others first and to be productive even when I am lacking endurance. I'm seeing my purpose and doing my best to fulfill my calling. What is that you ask? To take care of my husband, kid(s), home.. and to ultimately show the love of God and His grace to everyone I know. If anyone is in need of prayer, I would love to pray for you.
I hope that everyone has a blessed week and remember, don't just live for the moment but live for your calling.

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